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Portals Vells beach (Sa

The spectacular Portals Vells Beach – Mallorca, or “Sa Caleta” is a natural environment of incredible beauty and scenic interest.

This natural wonder is nine kilometres from the Magaluf area. It is a sea inlet, between the points of “Xisclet” and “s’Estaca,” which is divided into several “veins” that end in this sandy area in which there are three beaches, “Portals Vells,” “El Mago beach” and El Rey beach.”

A leafy pine forest surrounds this beautiful beach which is created between caves, cliffs & sea inlets. The woodland stretches between “Cap de Cala Figuera” and “Refaubetx,” which together with “Islote de El Toro,” form part of the catalogue of Natural Areas of Special Interest approved by the Parliament of the Balearic Islands and the European Union’s Special Protection Areas for Birds.

In the vicinity of the beach there are many points of scenic interest, among which the La Cova de La Mare de Deu” stands out.

Ancient “mares” quarry, whose stone blocks, extracted in the 14th and 15th centuries, were used to build the Palma cathedral and the church of Santa Eulàlia.

Access to Portals Vells beach by road is easy by just following the road signs. You must pass Magaluf and continue in the direction of Son Ferrer. 1.5 km before reaching this town, you must follow the signs that indicate the road to Portals Vells. The beach has free parking nearby. From here you will reach “Sa Caleta” on foot.

The conditions for anchoring boats and snorkelling are excellent. This beach, open to east and southeast winds, has a sandy bottom and seaweed at a depth of five meters. You can check the nearby ports, here 

Portals Vells beach – Mallorca


The beach has the following services
60 Sun bedsHamaca
30 UmbrellasSombrilla
7 Littering binsPapelera

Meters - Length


Meters - Width


  • Occupancy rating: MEDIUM
  • Degree of urbanisation: SEMIURBAN
  • Composition: SAND
  • Colour of the sand: GOLDEN
  • Texture of the grain of the sand: TINY

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