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What is Calvià Film Office?


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Calvià Film Office is a department dependent on the Calvia Town Hall’s tourism area. It is a member of the Balearic Islands Film Commission and Mallorca Film Commission.

The Calvià Film Office provides interested agents (production companies, media, advertising agencies…) with a wide range of services aimed at facilitating the development of audiovisual productions in the municipality of Calvià.

Among its objectives are the following:

  • To contribute to the promotion of the municipality of Calvià by hosting audiovisual productions in its locations (public spaces, facilities, etc.)
  • To provide interested agents with the necessary procedures to carry out their filming with guarantees of success
  • To inform, advise and offer personalised help to interested agents in order to facilitate their work as much as possible.

Calvià Film Office works with enthusiasm and rigour to facilitate the administrative procedures necessary for the production companies to create their audiovisual or photographic products in any location in the municipality of Calvià.


Its main functions are to manage different services offered by Calvia Film Office:

  1. To promote the municipality of Calvià as a stage for the realisation of all types of audiovisual activities and photographic reports; both in audiovisual markets, film festivals, events and audiovisual fairs.
  2. To manage the procedure for the mandatory authorisation of audiovisual activities or photographic reports in an agile, personalised and close manner, so that the deadlines are as diligent as possible.
  3. To inform and advise in a personalised manner on everything related to Calvià Film Office. Especially, about requirements, locations of the municipality, relations with other professional sectors of the municipality and other mandatory permits from other competent Administrations in the chosen location.

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Calvia Film Office

971 139 166

C/ de Julià Bujosa Sans, batle, 1 - 07184 Calvià (Illes Balears)


Calvia Film Office

971 139 166

C/ de Julià Bujosa Sans, batle, 1 - 07184 Calvià (Illes Balears)