Gastronomic event in Mallorca - Calvià's Mostra de cuines

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Mostra de cuines Mostra de cuines

What is Mostra de Cuines?


Mostra de cuines de Calvià , gastronomía

02th OCTOBER 2020

Cala Fornells, el Toro, Calvià, es Capdellà, Cas Català, Son Caliu

09th OCTOBER 20200

Palmanova, Magaluf, Son Ferrer

16th OCTOBER 2020

Santa Ponça, Costa de la Calma


  • 12.00
  • 14.00
  • 16.00

Calvià’s “Mostra de Cuines” is a gastronomic event held twice a year in our municipality – before and after the summer season. 

During its celebration, any restaurant wishing to do so can offer complete menus (starter, main course, dessert and drink) at a more economical price than usual so that we can get to know their establishment, their cuisine and their service.

Alternative menus

With the idea of making Calvià’s “Mostra de Cuines” an event that can be enjoyed by the maximum amount of people, we encourage restaurants to offer alternative menus to that advertised (always at the same price as shown in their advertising) – children’s menus, so that whole families can go, gluten-free menus and vegetarian menus.

Gastronomic event in Mallorca – Calvià’s Mostra de cuines


As Calvià is very extensive, during the celebration of the “Mostra”, the municipality is divided into 4 large areas and every Friday it is held in a different place.

  • 02.10.2020. Zone 1: Cala Fornells, el Toro, Calvià, es Capdellà, Cas Català, Son Caliu
  • 09.10.2020. Zone 2: Palmanova, Magaluf, Son Ferrer
  • 16.10.2020. Zone 3: Santa Ponça, Costa de la Calma


This event was born, in its current format, in 2008 with the aim of publicising the varied and exquisite gastronomy that our municipality has to offer. Although it was initially held only in the month of April, five years later, in 2013 and after its welcome reception, both among restaurateurs and customers who enjoyed the “Mostra Menus” it was decided to duiplicate its frequency and so it began to be held in the month of October, also.


For each edition of the “Mostra de Cuines”, the Calvià Foundation (Fundació Calvià), in collaboration with the Calvià Town Hall’s Department of Commerce, prepares a complete guide of the participating restaurants, which includes all the relevant information about them: menus, prices, locations, contact details of all participating establishments, etc. 

This guide is available both in digital and paper format and is produced in four languages: Spanish, Catalan, English and German.


Gastronomic event in Mallorca – Calvià’s Mostra de cuines

Calvià en pareja, gastronomía de calvià, en pareja, juntos

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Mostra de cuines

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