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patrimonio histórico de Calvià en Mallorca


Calvia's heritage

The municipality of Calvià has a rich historical-artistic heritage, which is the material reflection of its long and varied history, from the beginning, during the Copper Age, to the phenomenon of the arrival of tourism in recent years. Thanks to Calvià’s historical heritage we know how our ancestors lived and the main characteristics of our history.

As far as the Cultural Heritage of the area is concerned, the set of assets that make it up is structured in three large groups: Archaeological Heritage, Ethnographic Heritage and Architectural Heritage. Via the following link you will be able to access the historical information and the description of the elements included:

Calvià (Majorca) heritage

Patrimonio histórico de calvià
Patrimonio histórico de Calvià
Patrimonio histórico de Calvià
conoce el patrimonio histórico de Calvià caminando por sus rutas
Calvia snorkeling
patrimonio artístico de Calvià

Puig de Sa Morisca

Archaeological Park

The “Puig de sa Morisca” Archaeological Park (Santa Ponça) is a project that has been developed by the Calvià Town Council in collaboration with the UIB (University of the Balearic Islands) since 1997. It is a space of more than 45 hectares, which includes one of the most important concentrations of archaeological sites in Mallorca, many of them publicly owned. It also has museum facilities and a rich natural, ethnographic and landscape heritage.

Description of the site

It is a settlement with a rather complex configuration that is reflected both in its chrono-cultural evolution and in its spatial distribution.

On a chronological level, a long occupation is documented. From the initial Talayotic period (from the 6th century BC) to the Almohad period. It was definitively abandoned in 1229 with the conquest of the island by King James I (Rei Jaume I).

On a spatial level, the presence of different areas distributed throughout “Puig de Sa Morisca” is documented. Its summit is especially noteworthy, on the eastern and northern slopes and on the hill formed by the lowest rock located next to the mountain.

The different prospecting works have made it possible to document architectural structures of very diverse characteristics (talayots, towers, rooms, remains of walls, caves and shelters, etc.) which are distributed over three large areas:

Area of the Acropolis

  • Rocky shelters located on the eastern slope of the “Puig”
  • Defensive elements located on the eastern slope of the “Puig”
  • Defensive elements and habitat area located on the hill.
  • Rock with protected access.

Further information about this park, here 

Calvià (Majorca) heritage


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