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Experience the holiday of a lifetime in Calvià, Mallorca. Enjoy the best holiday resorts in the world: Palmanova, Santa Ponça, Magaluf, Peguera, Portals Nous…

Mostra de cuines

Edition 2024

The Mostra de cuines de Calvià is a gastronomic event held in the restaurants of the municipality and takes place twice a year, before and after the summer season.

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2023 2023


BetArt 2023 Intervenciones de Arte Urbano en Calvià

Edición 2023

La Fundación Calvià 2004 y el Ajuntament de Calvià han publicado las Bases para artistas para participar en BetArt Calvià 2023 para la realización de intervenciones artísticas en la calle, así como el Catálogo de espacios disponibles.


BetArt BetArt

Calvià 2004 Foundation

Fundación Calvià 2004

The main objective of the Calvià Foundation is to encourage tourism in Calvià by organising, promoting and holding activities and events of a tourist, cultural, social and sporting nature, etc. which contribute to promoting Calvià as a tourist destination, especially in the middle and high seasons.


Calvià 2004 Foundation, is a non-profit making organisation, constituted by public and private organisations, that has linked its patrimony to the achievement of general interest aims in the municipality of Calvià. It is of Spanish nationality, and its address is at the Calvià Town Hall, calle Julià Bujosa Sans, batle, 1 of Calvià (Mallorca). 


The Foundation’s main objective is the organisation, promotion and carrying out of activities and events of a sporting, cultural, social nature, etc… that contribute to promoting Calvià as a tourist destination, especially during the middle and low seasons, as well as any actions of a preparatory nature –  dissemination, promotion and acquisition of resources of all kinds, and especially and preferably private and public sponsorship, which will be destined to the organisation of the activities carried out by the Foundation.


The Board of Trustees is the governing, administrative and representative body of the Foundation. It is the responsibility of the Board of Trustees to fulfil and enforce the foundational purposes, its activities and to managing the assets and rights that make up the Foundation’s assets, fully maintaining its performance and utility.

The trustees are:

  • The President of the Foundation is Mr. Antonio Mayol Fiol
  • Illetas – Ca’s Català Hoteliers Association: Representative: Mr. Martí Xamena
  • Portals Nous – Bendinat Hoteliers Association
  • Palmanova – Magaluf Hoteliers Association: Representative: Mr. Mauricio Carballeda
  • Santa Ponsa Bay Hoteliers Association: Representative: Mr. Christian Roses Stub-Larsen
  • Peguera – Cala Fornells Hoteliers Association: Representative: Mr. Antonio Mayol Fiol
  • Calvià Town Hall. Representatives: Mr. Alfonso Rodríguez Badal and Mr. Javier Pascuet de la Riva


The statutes of the “Fundació Calvià 2004” establish in article 4 that the purpose of the Foundation is to organise, promote and carry out activities and events of a cultural, tourist, sporting, etc. nature, as well as any others of general and social interest.  Similarly, any preparatory, dissemination, promotion and resource raising activities, especially and preferably public and private sponsorship, which will be used entirely for the organisation of the activities carried out by the Foundation, with the aim of achieving the maximum number of hotel stays in the municipality during the months with the least influx of tourists.

Annually, in the month of December, the Board of Trustees of the Foundation must accept the Action Plan for the following fiscal year and approve its budget.

It is the wish of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees that the Plan of Activities should bring together those events and other actions that enable the Foundation to fulfil its foundational objective, which is described in the following paragraphs:

  • Projects, actions, celebrations and events which contribute to the creation of the product, to the promotion, marketing and tourist diversification of Calvià.
  • Seminars, meetings, conferences, congresses, symposia and forums, exhibitions, workshops, press trips, fam trips, workshops or similar actions.
  • Other actions that may be valued in accordance with the spirit of the Foundation.

For this reason, and in view of the forthcoming approval of the Activities Plan 2023 of the Calvià 2004 Foundation (Fundació Calvià 2004), it is the Foundation’s wish that those companies, organisations or individuals who can present a project of general and/or specific interest that benefits the purpose of the foundation, and which could form part of this Activities Plan 2023, send us their proposal by filling in the attached questionnaire, via the link below.


Contractor Profile

Calvià 2004 Foundation

All the information regarding the contracting procedures of the Calvià Foundation is available to all those interested in the Public Sector Contracting Platform at the following link:

Calvià Foundation pays suppliers in a maximum of 15 days from the reception and conformity of the invoice.

For any consultation you can call 971 139 190.



Transparency portal

Calvià 2004 Foundation

Calvià 2004 Foundation

971 13 91 90

C/ de Julià Bujosa Sans, batle, 1 - 07184 Calvià (Illes Balears)