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Hiking en Calvià (Mallorca)

Coast, mountains, historical, natural or architectural heritage, flora and fauna, nature, traditional villages, and distinct urban centres. These are just some of the landscapes you will find as you walk through Calvià.

Each area of the municipality has a special charm, with its own characteristics, but they all share an essential one – they have all the adapted services you need.

Why choose Calvia?

If what you’re looking for is:

  • A VARIETY OF LANDSCAPES: nature, tradition, coast, towns, heritage
  • SERRA DE TRAMUNTANA: Calvià is one of the entrance doors to the “Serra.”
  • ASSOCIATED OFFER: wide range of accommodation, restaurants and associated services
  • CONVENIENCE: Less than a 3 hour flight from the main European capitals, and only 20 minutes by car from Palma (Mallorca) Airport.
  • INFRASTRUCTURE: marked paths, walks, a rural public estate, etc.

In this section, we offer you some of the most spectacular routes you can take in Calvià.

RS1 - Getting to
know Calvià & Es Capdellà

Ruta senderismo 1 Calvià - Es Capdellà

This itinerary allows you to get to know the two most traditional villages in the municipality of Calvià. We are talking about Calvià and Es Capdellà.

The route starts from the car park of a huge modern building – Calvià Town Hall. From there, we explore Calvià, arriving at its church and main square.

We then go down in the direction of Es Capdellà, a path that runs along the Avenida de Calvià (Calvià Avenue), with beautiful views of carob and almond fields, the mountains of “Puig de Galatzó” and “La Mola de s’Esclop”, the Galatzó stream and the “Mofarés” and “Son Alfonso” estates , until we reach Es Capdellà.

After visiting the main points of interest in Es Capdellà or having a snack there, we return to Calvià along the same route.

This is a very suitable family route, ideal for both walking and cycling.

Ruta Wikiloc | Altimetría RS1 | Archivos GPX

Senderismo calvià ruta 1 altimetría

Galería de fotos - RB1

RS2 - Cala Fornells
- Cap Andritxol

Ruta 2 Senderismo Cala Fornells a Cap Andritxol

The route begins at the end of the road to Cala Fornells (Peguera), where vehicles can be parked.

From this point, you can see the explanatory panels and the beginning of the path that goes through a forest trail among pine trees and wild olive trees.

Shortly after the start, there is a fork that leads to “Punta de na Cardona” and “Caló des Monjo.” This quiet cove is famous for being one of the settings for the thriller “Death in the Sun”, directed by Guy Hamilton, and from where can see a small island, known as “s’Illeta.”

Take the main path again to continue the climb to “Cap Andritxol,” an area declared a Natural Area of Special Interest (ANEI – Área Natural de Especial Interés), with a total of 184 protected hectares, until you reach the Cap Andritxol Tower, from where you can enjoy views of the coast of Calvià, Camp de Mar and Cap de Llamp.

Ruta Wikiloc | Altimetría RS | Archivos GPX


Galería de fotos - RB2

RS3 - Ses Sínies
(Finca de Galatzó)

Ruta 3 Calvià a Ses Sinies

Necessary recommendations:

It is necessary to wear suitable footwear and clothing for the route. It is recommended to bring sufficient food and drink. It is necessary to respect the environment, causing the minimum impact, leave barriers as we find them and follow the marked paths. It is forbidden to light fires, and to make stone landmarks. Travel on horseback and bicycle is regulated. Pets are not allowed. You must have your fully charged mobile phone with you and in case of emergency call 112.


This route starts and develops entirely in the spectacular natural, patrimonial and historical surroundings of the Galatzó Public Estate, located at the exit of the village of Es Capdellà.

You will enter the Public Galatzó Estate, located in Es Capdellà and there you will find the route for Ses Sínies signposted.

The route is of great scenic, archaeological and ethnographic value and is easy to follow, well signposted and suitable for families. The route, in both directions, begins with a dry stone (pedra en sec) path in the houses of the estate (possessió) and runs in a northern direction, crossing the “Bosc de sa Madona” and the “Comellar de na Llaneres”, parallel to the Galatzó stream, ending in the area of Ses Sínies.

In a walk of a little over an hour within the Galatzó estate we find an interesting transition of landscapes, from areas of traditional cultivation and terraces of olive trees to typical Mediterranean vegetation, such as palm hearts, reeds, black steppes, bushes, pine trees and wild olive trees, ethnographic landmarks (qänat(s), lime kilns, coal bunkers, springs, etc.), a rest area and the village of Ses Sínies, an archaeological site dating from the Bronze Age.

To end the excursion, we recommend climbing up to the Ses Sínies viewpoint, which is about 250 metres away along a forest path and from which you can see from left to right: “Ses Males Roques,” “Comellar des Lladres,” “Sa Moleta Rassa,” “Puig de Galatzó,” the “Na Burguesa” mountain range and the Galatzó valley. From Ses Sínies a more difficult route begins, which connects with the “Mola de S’Esclop.”

You can find more information about this route in this blog: FINCA GALATZÓ

Dimensions and significant points

Town of Es Capdellà:

39.57931, 2.46926

Galatzó Public Estate:

39.60691, 2.47048

Picnic area Ses Sinies:

39.62395, 2.46596

Ruta Wikiloc | Altimetría RS | Archivos GPX

Altimetria RS3 Finca Galatzó Ses Sinies

Galería de fotos - RB3

RS4 - Peguera -

Finca Galatzó, ruta de Peguera a Galatzó
Start & finish: Oficina Municipal de Información Turística de Peguera


The objective is to visit the Galatzó Public Estate (Es Capdellà), leaving from and returning to Peguera.

We begin the route in Peguera, and from there we go to Es Capdellà via the beautiful pathway that connects the two towns. On the outskirts of Es Capdellà we find the Galatzó  public estate, the largest natural heritage site in the municipality.

The Galatzó Public Estate is a rustic property situated in the northern part of the municipality, which was bought in 2006 by Calvià Town Hall, becoming the only estate of this nature in the municipality. Galatzó has an area of 1401 hectares, making it one of the largest estates in the Balearic Islands. It is part of the foothills of the “Serra de Tramuntana”, declared a “UNESCO” (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) World Heritage Site, and borders the municipalities of Puigpunyent, Estellencs and Andratx. 

There are four signposted itineraries in operation, S’Esclop, Sa Vinya, Ses Planes and Ses Sínies, which cover a total of 35 km., where a large number of plant and animal communities can be seen, as well as a rich architectural, ethnological and archaeological heritage.

Ruta Wikiloc | Altimetría RS | Archivos GPX

Cotas y puntos significativos

Pueblo de Es Capdellà:

39.57931, 2.46926

Finca Pública del Galatzó:

39.60691, 2.47048

Altimetria RS4 de Peguera a Galatzó

Galería de fotos - RB4

RS5: Galatzó to Sa



Itinerary located to the South West of the “Finca de Galatzó” – Galatzó Public Estate.

This round trip route starts at the houses of the “possessió” (estate) and connects it with an old farming area called “Sa Vinya”.

It is a very well-signposted route, easy to access and suitable for everyone. The route runs through the typical farming areas of a mountain “possessió”, with almond and carob trees, and enters a wooded area of pine trees and garrigue.

Approximately 1 km. Into the route, the road forks, giving the option to access, on the left, the area of “Es Tramuntanal” and “S’Argolla”, a puig where a small rest area has been set up. In this area you can observe ethnographic and archaeological elements.

If the initial path is recovered, you will pass through a forest and a disused area where vines are grown, hence the name of the place. The itinerary ends at a viewpoint, the head of a valley which, flanked by “Puig de Sa Panada”, directs our sight to the farmland areas of the “possessió.”

Along the route you can see very interesting examples of “pedra en sec” – dry stone engineering (terraces, threshing floors, fountains, troughs, coal bunkers and even ovens). We can also contemplate the characteristic fauna and flora of the “Serra de Tramuntana”, standing out the Mallorcan goats and the occasional booted eagle. 

You can find further information about this route in the blog FINCA GALATZÓ  (pulsa aquí)

Dimensions and significant points

Font dels Obis:

39.59736, 2.46276

Caseta de Roter:

39.59471, 2.46006


39.59784, 2.45892

Sa Vinya:

39.59846, 2.45779


39.59861, 2.46557

Ruta Wikiloc | Altimetría RS5 | Archivos GPX

Altimetria RS5 de Galatzó

Galería de fotos - RB5

RS6 - Galatzó to
Ses Planes

Ruta Galatzó a Ses Planes


Complete and very varied tour, from a landscape, biogeographic and ethnographic point of view. It is a path delimited by dry stone walls ( pedra en sec) that links the houses of the Galatzó public estate with the old mountain agricultural area of “Ses Planes.”

Along the route, you can see the houses of the “possessió” (estate), the water mills, old farmland with a predominance of fig and carob trees, which have become part of the garrigue, the “Es Ratxo” irrigation channel, a multitude of terraces, huts and charcoal burning sites, etc, and, above all, the landscape of the Galatzó valley, from the north, on the steep slopes of Galatzó and “Mola de s’Esclop”, to the south, in the bay of Santa Ponça. The route ends on the “Ses Planes” plateau, where there is evidence of a farm.

The excursion can be extended to the peak of la 515m. high “Moleta de Galatzó”, from which a large part of the municipality of Calvià can be seen.

Further information about this route in the blog FINCA DE GALATZÓ

Dimensions and significant points

Mirador de Ses Planes:

39.62519, 2.47767

Ruta Wikiloc | Altimetría RS6 | Archivos GPX

ruta senderismo 6 altimetría de finca GALATZÓ a Ses Planes

Galería de fotos - RB6

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