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Cala des Gats (Dog-friendly
beach in Mallorca)

Dog friendly beach in Mallorca – Cala des Gats (Costa de la Calma in Calvià)

Cala des Gats ( Dog friendly beach in Mallorca ) is a small cove located in Costa de la Calma where dogs are allowed.

The cove is located in the area between Punta des Gats and Cala Blanca, and can be reached via Calle Bellavista nº 102. It is a paradisiacal area, close to other beaches, ideal for sharing a day at the beach with your pet.

The Cala des Gats is with Cala Punta Marroig (Palmanova) the options offered by the municipality of Calvià to enjoy swimming with your pet (dog) in Calvià.


1.- Owners of dogs will be responsible for their behaviour.

2.- Dogs may move freely without a leash in the delimited are in the Mayoral Decree of 12th of July 2016 (BOIB nº91 of 19/07/16). Dogs will not be allowed beyond these limits, avoiding at all times their acces to nearby beaches and bathing areas.

3.- Dogs classified as potentially hazardous according to Royal Decree 287/2002 of 22nd of March will not allowed without a leash or without a muzzle in any case.

4.-Leaving dog droppings is prohibited inside and outside of the delimited zone. The owner will have to collect droppings and put them in municipal solid waste-rubbish bins.

5.- The owner is responsible for the physical and psychological damage that their animals can cause

6.- All dogs will have to have microchip and be vaccinated and / or any compulsory treatment.

7.- The timetable for using the area is from 8 am to 8 pm.

8.- The Town hall will monitor the correct use of the environment and compliance with municipal ordinances.

Dog-friendly beach in Mallorca

Cala des Gats

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